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Taunting your nemesis like


Is there a reason for you to delete this blog? It seems rather sudden.
boredom, inactivity, and i want let go of the past

So Long, and thanks for the fish

its been a great 2 years running this blog with on and off again activity and i think im ready to delete this blog so ill give this shoutout a few more days to reach all 1700+ of you followers and ill properly delete this blog.

its been a great time and remember;

kneesocks is best girl

Hey followers, yadda yadda yadda

Well this blog will be dead for the time being and I’m willing to hand over the reigns to any necromancer that can reanimate this blog to its full potential

So drop me an ask if you want dibs on askpsg

Thank you, from Ellie and Charlie.

Hey guys!! Kinda have a sad announcement to make. Ellie and I are once again leaving this blog, but this time it’s a more permanent situation. Ellie’s main reason is because she’s in her final year of highschool and she’s more focused on graduation from now on, plus she has a job that takes up a lot of her time. Mine is that I don’t have the personal time to run this blog anymore! It’s been really fun, but sadly all good things must come to an end. Thanks for being awesome, guys. See you around!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Its your favorite sassy admin’s birthday!

Get jiggy with it